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Classes at your work


If your office is located in the downtown area or close to it I can come there and teach a fun class to you and your co-workers! Working out during your lunch time is a great way to break up the day and feel more energized throughout the rest of your day. If lunchtime doesn’t work, I can also do right after work. Whether the goal is to stretch, relax, have more energy, or get a mini workout in, I can tailor it based on all of your needs with little or no equipment!

Samples classes:

  • Pilates with props (roller, balls, bands)
  • Pilates / Yoga
  • Lunchtime De-Stress
  • Midday Stretch
  • 30 Minute Abs
  • and more!






Foam Rolling Workshops

Do you want to learn how to release muscle tension during your workday so you can be more productive, concentrate better, and increase your overall mood? In this workshop you will learn how to achieve this and more!

I have been teaching foam rolling workshops for over 4 years in various settings such as chiropractors and physiotherapists offices, gyms, yoga studios, and in private settings.  I am ultra passionate about showing people simple ways to reduce stress and tension, and how to increase mobility and flexibility by using a foam roller and lacrosse balls.  Foam rolling is highly effective, has many benefits, and doesn’t have to take long.  Get in contact with me to learn more.





What My Clients Are Saying About Foam Rolling

I participated in Karine’s foam roller workshop with staff from our Physiotherapy clinic earlier this year . The workshop was well organized , fun and practical.  Karine taught us a good variety of techniques with the foam rollers and balls . These exercises have been a valuable addition to my practice as a physiotherapist as they help to relieve pain and promote flexibility. I also personally practice with the foam roller before every workout . Thanks for the great information Karine.”


This is a GREAT workshop. Most people don’t like to roll or don’t bother or don’t know to properly roll, but Karen will teach you the right way and make it feel good and be fun all at the same time. Karen gave a foam rolling workshop at my Pilates studio and it was a great success. Her teaching style is clear, sensible and fun. She makes modifications for people who are less mobile and able to easily move. I HIGHLY recommend this workshop.


I own a holistic healthcare center and Karen put together a foam rolling class to fit our clients’ needs. She has great energy, lots of knowledge and is very organized. She even advertised the class online in ways I didn’t even know exist! In short, Karine is awesome!

Dr. Cohen

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I look forward to hearing from you and creating an awesome corporate program for you!